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New Steam Boiler Startup

Upon purchasing your new steam boiler, it is very common a number of items were never discussed or identified as items you require to start up the boiler and to maintain it. Listed below are the most popular item you may need to purchase prior to starting up your new boiler:

1) Boiler degreaser chemical - During the manufacturing process of the boiler it is very common lot of greases and oils are in your boiler prior to start up. Removal of these oils is greases must happen in order to clean the tubes and prep them prior to implementing your chemical treatment program. ChemWorld Q-Alk is boiler chemical degreaser that is designed for the removal of these grease and oils prior to firing up your new boiler.

2) Automation of your Boiler Blowdown - With some large boilers a throttle valve and boiler orifice plates are used to control a continuous boiler blowdown. Blowing down the boiler is important to remove high levels of impurities within the boiler. Remember the purpose of your steam boiler is to reuse water as well as to produce steam. With smaller or mid size boilers conductivity controller packages are often overlooked and are a last minute purchase.

An easy to program controller is the LakeWood Instruments 150 Boiler Water Controller. This boiler conductivity controller will relay a signal to your solenoid valve when to open to release boiler blowdown. Common set points are to set the controller to open every 2 hours for 1 minute. Common conductivity blowdown set points are typically between 2,000 to 3,000 uohms. Upon opening, if the reading is above your set point the valve remains open until the water conductivity levels fall below your set point. These controllers assemblies can be ordered in 1/2 or 3/4" NPT. In addition to the blowdown assembly you may require a boiler blowdown valve that will allow the blowdown to occur.

2) Installation of a Boiler Globe Valve - A boiler globe valve or a boiler orifice plate must be installed prior to the conductivity probe location on the boiler steam pipe. This will prevent steam flashing and will allow accurate conductivity readings.

3) Installation of a Boiler Sample Cooler - A boiler sample cooler is required to cool the sample prior to obtaining a boiler water sample. If you do not cool your boiler water sample part of the water sample will flash off and you will obtain false boiler water readings upon testing. A boiler sample cooler not only will allow for a safe sample to be obtain, but your results will be accurate. Side note: You should perform water testing within 5 mintues after obtaining a sample. Failure to do so may result in inaccurate sulfite residual readings.

4) Boiler Water Testing Station and Test Kits - A boiler chemical testing station is a great way to keep all your testing supplies in one clean area. This makes chemical testing easy and will maximize the life of your testing regents and meters. For testing we recommend the following test kits:
5) Steam Boiler Chemicals - Steam boiler chemicals are required to maximize the life of your boiler tubes. We have a page dedicated to the discussion of each steam boiler chemical.

6) Boiler Chemical Pumps - Your steam boiler will require daily chemical dosage, so it is important to purchase good working boiler chemical pumps. 90% of damages that occur within the boilers are from pumps that are not functioning properly from a loss of being properly primed. Always check to make sure your boiler chemical pumps are primed and properly functioning.

7) Chemical Injection Quills - You boiler chemicals must be injected into the feed water, feed water tank, storage section of the dearator tank, or steam header. Stainless steel injection quills are ideal for all your boiler chemical injection needs. For systems, that were not designed with the correct number of chemical injection ports, please refer to triple port chemical injection quills and dual port chemical injection quills as a solution.
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New Steam Boiler Startup Kit
New Boiler Startup Kit - Chemicals and Equipment (Timed Sampling)
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Chemical Testing Cabinet with Horizontal Door (Metal)
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New Steam Boiler Startup Kit  - Equipment and Chemcials LakeWood Instruments Model 150 - Boiler Water Controller Metal Testing Cabinet
High Pressure Boiler Valve Water Test Kit for Boilers
Boiler Blowdown Valves
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Complete Boiler Water Test Kit
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High Pressure Boiler Blowdown Valves - Up to 1200 psi ChemWorld Complete Boiler Water Test Kit - BWTK200 Neptune Sample Cooler SC-316
Globe Valve for Boilers
Boiler Globe Valve - 1/2" NPT
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"New Boiler" Boil Out Chemical - 5 Gallons
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Boiler Chemical Treatment (All in One) - 5 to 55 gallons
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Boiler Globe Valve - 1/2" NPT ChemWorld Q-ALK - Boiler Boil Out Chemical - 5 Gallons
All-In-One Boiler Chemicals - 5 to 55 gallons
Orifice Union - 1/2" and 3/4" NPT
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Boiler Orifice Union - 1/2" and 3/4" NPT