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DowTherm RP

DOWTHERM TM RP heat transfer fluid is a diaryl alkyl intended for use in applications that require liquid phase heat transfer. DOWTHERMTM RP fluid can be used in non-pressurized systems, and is pumpable to 0C (32F). A major advantage of DOWTHERMTM RP fluid is the fact that it degrades primarily to low molecular weight products, reducing the need to remove high molecular weight material from the system.

Non-pressurized liquid phase heat transfer.

  • Can be used in non-pressurized, liquid phase systems.
  • Has good low temperature properties, reducing the need for heat tracing.
  • Has a high flash point.
  • Exhibits excellent thermal stability at the maximum use temperature
  • Degrades primarily to low molecular weight products—no build-up of high molecular weight products that must be removed from the system.
  • Has a single dose oral toxicity that is considered to be extremely low.
DowTherm TM is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company.