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Taylor K-1599
Taylor K-1141
Sequestrant Test Kit

Taylor K-1599
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Taylor K-1599

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DROP TEST SEQ (1 drop = 1 or 10 ppm)

COMPONENTS: 1 x 5059 Instruction 1 x 9198 Sample Tube, Graduated, 25 mL, plastic w/cap 1 x 9315 Test Paper, pH, 1.8-3.8 1 x R-0686P Sulfuric Acid N, DB 1 x R-0697 Thiosulfate N/10, DB 1 x R-0802P XO Indicator Powder 1 x R-0805 Fluoride Masking Agent, DB 1 x R-0847 SEQ Titrating Solution, DB (1 dr = 1 ppm) 1 x R-0866 SEQ Titrating Solution, DB (1 dr = 10 ppm).

NOTE: Iron can cause negative interference at a level greater than 5 ppm. Orthophosphate and polyphosphate can cause positive interference at all levels.

NOTE: Run a blank with untreated water.

1. Rinse and fill 25 mL sample tube (#9198) to 25 mL mark with water to be tested.
2. Add: 1 drop R-0697 Thiosulfate N/10 10 drops R-0805 Fluoride Masking Agent 1 level dipper R-0802P XO Indicator Powder Swirl to mix.
3. Adjust pH between 2.6 and 3.0: Add 1 drop R-0686P Sulfuric Acid N. Swirl to mix. Dip test paper (#9315) into sample, in direction of arrow, for 3 seconds, with all color zones immersed. Match indicator zone (unnumbered square between 2.7 and 3.0 color standards) with color scale. Read printed pH value. If necessary, continue adding R-0686P Sulfuric Acid N dropwise, swirling and checking pH with a new test paper after each drop, until a pH between 2.6 and 3.0 is obtained. Sample should be yellow.
4. Add R-0847 SEQ Titrating Solution or R-0866 SEQ Titrating Solution, swirling and counting after each drop, until color changes from yellow to permanent pink. Always hold bottle in vertical position. NOTE: For 1 drop = 10 ppm organo-phosphorus sequestering agent, use R-0866 SEQ Titrating Solution. For 1 drop = 1 ppm organo-phosphorus sequestering agent, use R-0847 SEQ Titrating Solution.
5. Multiply drops of R-0866 SEQ Titrating Solution by 10. Record as parts per million (ppm) organo-phosphorus sequestering agent. Record drops of R-0847 SEQ Titrating Solution as parts per million (ppm) organo-phosphorus sequestering agent.

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