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Natural Gas Storage Tank

Below is in regards to an application of the pretreatment of a new 2.2 Million gallon steel tanks used for natural gas storage. The treatment begins with 65,000 gallons of tap water in this process. The are new and will storage natural gas. The pretreatment will stop flash rusting since it is new steel. This is not for long term corrosion protection, rather for roughly one week without rusting.

First, if you leave the system filled with water, you can charge at 0.5% (by volume) with water and leave filled. If they simply rinse and dump the system with the 65,000-gallons, they would have to charge the 65,000-gallons at 1% (by volume). That would be 650-gallons of concentrate (twelve 55-gallon drums).

The process is VERY similar to treating fire sprinkler line treatments. We have over 200-sites that are both wet and dry lines, with high humidity, mixed metals, and high corrosion and bacteria/fungus potential). Since we are mixing the product in water to apply.
  • Option 1: If you charge the system with water, AND LEAVE THE PIPELINE WET AND FULLY CHARGED WITH THE WATER SOLUTION, they can add 0.5% (by volume) of the attached. To treat 65,000 gallons of fluid, they would charge with 325-gallons of product and mix. That is (6) 55-gallon drums.
  • Option #2: If you charge the system with water, AND FLUSH AND COMPLETELY DUMP AFTER CHARGING, you need to add 1% by volume of the attached to leave the appropriate rust preventative film. To treat 65,000 gallons of fluid, they would charge with 650 gallons of product and mix. That is (12) 55-gallon drums.
ChemWorld RP W-VCI is:
  • extremely concentrated, so only 0.5% (by volume) is needed for wet storage and 1.0% (by volume) is needed for dry storage.
  • is fully synthetic and oil-free.
  • contains ChemWorld RP W-VCI preventatives that prevent corrosion on ferrous and copper based metals even where areas of the pipeline have not touched the fluid itself.
  • contains bacteria-static additives that minimize/prevent the formation of bacteria and fungus.
  • does NOT contain wax or other film forming agents that can plug filters and post processes.
  • will rinse out completely if/when they decide to flush water or oil through the pipeline again.
  • easily mixes with the base water and is near-clear to completely clear at use concentrations.
Note: Prior to adding the ChemWorld RP W-VCI to the base water for mixing, verify that the pH of the water is between 6.0 and 9.5. Adjust if necessary.
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Natural Gas Storage Tank