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Stainlesss Steel Acid Cleaner (Plate & Frame) - 5 Gallons
Stainless Steel Acid Cleaner
5 Gallons of ChemWorld QCID-HSS - Stainlesss Steel Acid Cleaner

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5 Gallons of ChemWorld QCID-HSS - Stainlesss Steel Acid Cleaner
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Scale and Oxide Cleaner

ChemWorld QCID-HSS is an Inhibited Strong Acid Cleaner for use on Stainless Steel. ChemWorld QCID-HSS is a highly concentrated solution of hydrochloric acid which has been specially inhibited to minimize acid attack and/or chloride stress corrosion of stainless steel. The product is effective in removing both scale and metallic oxide deposits from boilers, cooling, and process equipment. The product should only be used by personnel who have been specifically trained in acid cleaning operations.

ChemWorld QCID-HSS is normally diluted prior to addition to the system to be cleaned. When diluting always add the acid to the water and NEVER add water to acid as a violent and dangerous reaction can occur. When diluting the acid, significant heat can be generated by the reaction so it is normally best to start with cold water.

ChemWorld QCID-HSS is typically utilized at concentrations ranging from 5-20% depending on the amount of deposit and type of equipment to be cleaned. Best results are possible when the temperature of the cleaning solution is maintained at 160-180F. When cleaning at lower temperatures, significantly longer cleaning times can be expected.

This product comes in a 5-gallon pail.

  • On-Line: reduce tower pH to 4 -5
  • Off-Line: 5-10% product
  • This product is a 35% solution of Hydrochloric Acid, plus inhibitor.
After cleaning, drain and flush until the flush water remains clear. See Technical Bulletin (Acid Cleaning of Cooling Systems) for additional details.

For all new cooling tower startups, consider our ChemWorld 101 Cooling Startup Kit. This kit includes the following:
  • One 5 gallon pail of ChemWorld Q-ALK-PC - This product is required to clean the debris and greases prior to startup.
  • One 5 gallon pail of ChemWorld 1334 - ChemWorld 1334 is scale and corrosion control cooling tower chemical. After startup, you can perform testing of your water hardness and alkalinity and we can tune in your exact chemical for long-term protection.
  • One 5 gallon pail of ChemWorld 56 - ChemWorld 56 is a 12.5% sodium hypochlorite product that is required to kill bacteria. This is the cheapest easiest product to get your system up and going, you can convert to tablets or a stabilized bromide product after startup.
  • One LakeWood 140 Cooling Tower Controller - You will need to set the controller to feed and bleed the cooling tower water to maximize cycles and to minimize chemical usage rates. An optional dual biocide water treatment can be implemented after start-up. This is model 1239597 (which is board mounted unit that has the flow assembly on the left).
  • One 1167435 Cooling Tower Blowdown Valve (1" NPT) - This will be required when the cooling tower calls to release cooling tower water.
  • Two Stenner 45MHP10 Adjustable Head Pumps - One pump is required for the corrosion/ scale prevention chemical and for the biocide. Each pump is rated to 100 psi, which should be enough to feed the chemical into the system. The ideal spot to feed the chemical is into the return header of the cooling tower. These Stenner Pump kits come with chemical injection valves that will allow for a quick injection of each chemical into the sidestream water loop that is used to monitor the cooling tower conductivity.
  • One complete CWTK-200 Cooling Water Treatment Test Kit. This kit contains every test you will need to set up and fine tune your water treatment program.
  • One Chemical Metal Test Station Cabinet - You need to keep your test kits and lo sheets in one clean location. This test kit is ideal for cooling towers.

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