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Boiler Chemical "All-In-One" (with Amine) - 310 gallons
Boiler Chemical Treatment
Boiler Treatment Chemical

ChemWorld 1197 - All in One w/ Amine
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Boiler Chemical Treatment

310 gallons of ChemWorld 1197 is an "all in one" Boiler Chemical with Amine.
Choose between on an amine or non amine product.
  • Improves boiler reliability and cleanliness.
  • All in one product for ease of use.
  • Sulfite removes dissolved oxygen.
  • Utilizes polymers for excellent control of hardness and iron deposition.
  • Polymer is stable over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.
  • Feed straight from the container. No mixing required.
  • ISO manufactured.
  • Product quality insured up to $2,000,000.
  • Easy sulfite droplet testing control method.
  • This product contains an amine for condensate treatment pH control. ChemWorld 1287 contains no amine.
  • ChemWorld 1197 is USDA and FDA approved for use in food regulated facilities.
  • ChemWorld 1197 contains DEAE, which is approved per FDA 173.310 for use in the preparation of steam when the steam will contact food or food packaging. FDA limits the amount of DEAE to 15 ppm in the steam, and not for use in milk or milk products. There are no FDA regulations specifying maximum amine concentrations in direct steam humidification systems. There are regulations regarding air contaminants, such as OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1000, but these do not directly apply to the steam and are difficult to calculate and test for.
  • 5 to 55 gallons of ChemWorld 1197 or ChemWorld 1287 may be ordered directly online.
  • We sell to everyone!
How to use:
ChemWorld 1197 are all-in-boiler chemicals. They are designed to make boiler chemical feeding and testing easy.
  1. Download our boiler testing logsheet and use it as a reference.
  2. Feed the chemical as far back into your steam boiler system (into the feed water tank, DA tank, or feed water line). This will ensure the metal as far back in the system is protected against corrosion.
  3. The chemical control is limited by sulfite residual. If you have a good softener, the phosphate in the products will prevent scaling. If you have a poor working softener, you must maintain a 7 to 1 ppm Phosphate to Hardness in your boiler water. With a good softener, the phosphate levels will not be a limiting factor in this product, rather it is more important to monitor the hardness levels within the boilers as a reference.
  4. Keep a minimum of 20 ppm of sulfite residual (or use ASTM standards) on all active and idle boiler systems to reduce the risk of oxygen corrosion within your boiler. If you have excess product, it will raise your conductivity levels, but will have no adverse effect on your boiler. You are just wasting chemical, water, and thermal energy within the water.
  5. If your boiler conductivity is too low, you are probably blowdown to much water or grossly overfeeding the chemical. Reduce blowdown and reduce chemical dosage and wait a few days. Allow the water to cycle up again within the boiler. Remember the purpose of your steam boiler system is to reuse water. Target a conductivity of 2,000 to 3,000 umhos (most steam boilers). For mid to large sized steam boilers, we always recommend automation with a LakeWood Conductivity Controller. Using a Myron Meter is an easy way to verify your conductivity of your controller and boiler water.
  6. This chemical will add additional conductivity to your boiler water. Overfeeding will have no adverse effect to the boiler, but it will waste chemical and you will blowdown excess water. Conductivity is a measurement of dissolved solids, dissolved gases, and suspended solid..
  7. Add more product as needed based on sulfite residual in your boiler water, but remember to keep your conductivity in range or your sulfite reading will be irrelevant. Use a Sulfite Test Kit to verify your residual.
  8. This product needs to be added daily, bi-weekly, or weekly depending on how your systems operates. In theory, the more frequently you add it, the less you will use.
  9. The purpose of the chemical is to prevent corrosion and scale prevention. As long as you have any sulfite in the boiler water, it means you have no dissolved oxygen in the boiler water.
  10. If you have any other questions, please email us at tech@chemworld.com. Remember to keep it simple. This is an easy boiler chemical to use as long as you get it into the system, you maintain proper conductivity levels within the boiler, you have a good operating softener, and you periodically check that sulfite is in the boiler. Do not over complicate it.
For new steam boiler startups, consider purchasing our Steam Boiler Startup Kit.

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