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Metalworking Fluid (Synthetic) - 5 to 275 Gallons
Metalworking Fluid (Synthetic) - 5 to 275 Gallons

Metalworking Fluid (Synthetic) - 5 to 275 Gallons
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Synthetic Metalworking Fluid

ChemWorld Cool 3900 is a synthetic machining and grinding fluid designed to provide superior performance for critical machining and grinding applications of ferrous metals. This propriety blend of anionic additives, polar non-ionic lubricants and film forming ingredients provides outstanding film strength necessary for excellent surface finish, tool life and corrosion protection. In addition, the inherent stability of this product resists depletion due to microbial action. The versatility of this product makes it ideal for plants where intermittent service demands superior bacterial resistance.

ChemWorld Cool 3900 provides superior chip settling properties and controlled detergency to reduce tacky, gritty residues from forming during machining and grinding operations. It resists emulsification of tramp oils, which could reduce the performance of fluid or increase misting levels.

Ingredients Weight % CAS No.
Distillates (petroleum) hydrotreated naphthenic 10 – 30% 64742-53-6
Triethanolamine < 10% 102-71-6

  • Superior boundary lubrication
  • Safe and mild
  • Cleanliness with controlled detergency
  • Very low foam Fluid residual film
  • Outstanding system life
  • Excellent corrosion protection
Directions for Use
  • Tapping, Reaming, Sawing 10:1 to 20:1
  • Milling, Drilling, Turning 20:1 to 30:1
  • Centerless, I.D., O.D., Grinding 20:1 to 40:1
Control Testing with Titration Hach Kit Procedure
  1. Fill the mixing bottle with 6 ml of the solution to be tested.
  2. Add the contents of one Bromocresol Green-Methyl Red indicator pillow to the sample.
  3. Add standard titrating solution (1.0 N sulfuric acid) dropwise with constant swirling of the mixing bottle, counting the drops until the color changes from green to pink.
  4. The number of drops indicates the concentration of ChemWorld Cool 3900.
    • 3 drops: 2%
    • 5 drops: 4%
    • 6 drops: 5%
    • 7 drops: 6%
    • 10 drops: 8%
    • 12 drops: 20%
Alkalinity Test Procedure
  1. Measure 50 ml of the product to be tested into a beaker.
  2. Add 5 to 7 drops of Methyl-Orange indicator to the sample.
  3. Titrate slowly with standard acid solution (1.0 N sulfuric acid) until the first noticeable color change (this is the endpoint).
  4. To calculate concentration of TECH COOL 3700, use the following: ml of titrant x 1.04 = % TECH COOL 3900
  5. A/O Refractometer Readings:
    • 2%: 0.8
    • 4%: 1.6
    • 5%: 2.0
    • 6%: 2.4
    • 8%: 3.2
    • 10%: 4.0
NOTE: Refractometer readings are subject to change due to water quality. The above chart was made using seven grain (122 ppm) water to prepare the dilutions. If more accuracy is required, it is advisable to create an in-house chart utilizing plant process water.

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