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Taylor K-1775
Taylor K-1141
Chelant Test Kit

Taylor K-1775
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Taylor K-1775

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Drop Test NTA (1 drop = 5 ppm)

COMPONENTS: 2 x 2269 Caps, 18 mm Dispenser, white 1 x 4027 Funnel, 58 mm, plastic 1 x 4030 Pipet, Calibrated 0.5 & 1.0 mL, plastic w/cap 1 x 5075 Instruction 1 x 6009 Filter Paper, #610, 9.0 cm, 100/box 1 x 9198 Sample Tube, Graduated, 25 mL, plastic w/cap 1 x R-0620LB Hardness Indicator Powder 1 x R-0878 NTA Buffer Solution 2 x R-0879 NTA Cosolvent Solution 1 x R-0893 NTA Titrating Reagent, DB

1. Filter water to be tested to clarify.
2. Rinse and fill 25 mL sample tube (#9198) to 10 mL mark with filtered sample.
3. Using a 1.0 mL pipet (#4030), add 0.5 mL R-0878 NTA Buffer Solution. Swirl to mix.
4. Cap R-0879 NTA Cosolvent Solution with dispenser cap (#2269). Add R-0879 NTA Cosolvent Solution to 20.5 mL mark. Swirl to mix.
5. Add 1 level dipper R-0620LB Hardness Indicator Powder. Swirl to mix. If free NTA is present, sample will turn blue.
6. Add R-0893 NTA Titrating Reagent dropwise, swirling and counting after each drop, until all blue color disappears and sample becomes red with no further color change. Always hold bottle in vertical position. 7. Subtract 1 drop from number of drops R-0893 NTA Titrating Reagent used and multiply answer by 5. Record as parts per million (ppm) NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid).

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